Notable New Features in - Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDMEE)

* Target Application Enhancements: FDMEE now supports the Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM) and Tax Provision Application of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management target applications. 

* Target Load Options: In Data Load Rules, you can now specify target application options specific to a location. For example, using the Target Options feature, you can specify different data protection values for each location. 

* Data Synchronization: A data synchronization feature has been added so that you can easily move data between the EPM applications irrespective of the dimensionality of the application without having to create a data file from the EPM source application. You specify the source and target EPM application, and then map the data. Given the powerful mapping features already available, the data can be easily transformed from one application to another application. For example, synchronizing data enables you to move data from HFM to Essbase for reporting. 

* Write-Back: FDMEE supports write-back from all EPM applications (except ARM) to ERP applications. This feature offers significant advantages, such as writing back budgets created in Planning to PeopleSoft or E-Business Suite ERP GL, or moving adjustment journals from HFM to ERP Systems like Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft. Other target systems still need to use a custom application framework. 

* POV Locking: Point of View (POV) lock options are available that enable you to lock and unlock the POV for all or an individual location. 

* Import Format Builder: A new Import Format Builder has been added that enables you to map source fields graphically to target dimension members. When the source system is a file-based data load, you can use the Import Format Builder feature to map source fields graphically to target dimension members instead of typing the starting position and the field length. This feature is available for both fixed and delimited files; however, the Import Format Builder does not support tab-delimited files. 

Note, in the release, FDM Classic is no longer available.